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Embark on your running journey with the guidance of our elite coaching team, a group of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and specialized expertise.

Whether you're a seasoned ultra-athlete, experienced marathoner or a novice trail runner, we have a unique coach tailored just for you!

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Jason Friedman

As a physiologist and physician, I believe in integrating the scientific aspects of training with the joy and appreciation for the sport I’ve gained over thirty years of running and racing on trails, roads, and track. READ MORE...

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Jill Becker

As a Run Coach & Personal Trainer, Jill combines her love of fitness and the outdoors with her knowledge of science and coaching to bring results to her clients. Her passions are living a healthy life, adventures, running, mountain biking, and strength training. READ MORE...


Deanna Ardrey

Deanna works full-time as a Dental Hygienist while also pursuing her personal athletic goals. She understands what it takes to juggle work, family, athletics, and social life. She designs workouts based on individual client’s schedule/goals. READ MORE...


Lance Parker

Based in New York, Lance is an expert trainer with a data-driven approach who creates personalized solutions for athletes. With his vast knowledge of advanced training methodologies, he guides his athletes toward achievable goals and success. READ MORE...

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Junko Kazukawa

Ultra and trail runner living in Denver CO, Japanese born, 2x breast cancer survivor, 30+ years of experience in health, fitness, and training fields. Currently works as a UESCA certified running coach, a personal trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Run Club coordinator at Colorado Athletic Club Tabor. READ MORE...


Scott Jordan MD

Scott has 30 years experience in endurance and multi sport racing and has numerous podium finishes from 5k's to 100 mile trail runs and he still has a busy race schedule. He credits his longevity to focusing on keeping it all fun and jokes that he has learned to train the “aging athlete” through personal experience. READ MORE...

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Cat Bradley

My running journey began as an 800-meter runner at UC-Santa Barbara, where I quickly realized that my spirit was not on the track, but in the mountains. Craving a little adventure and needing to do some self-exploration, I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with very little experience. READ MORE...


Derrek Murrow

Derek Murrow is an accomplished mountain bike athlete, back-country skier, guide, and coach based in Denver, Colorado. With over 11 years of competitive bike racing experience, he has completed the Leadville 100 MTB race six times. READ MORE...


Kathy Pidcock

With over 45 years of distance running experience, Kathy has competed in events ranging from 5K to 100 miles in addition to solo expeditions. Coupled with a certification in 'The School of Hard Knocks,' she coaches with empathy and experience. READ MORE...


Skyler Kottenstette

Coach Sky is the definition of a multisport athlete — she learned how to swim before she could walk, and has been pushing the boundaries and distance ever since through triathlon, gravel cycling, ultrarunning, and mountaineering. READ MORE...

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Ben Dicke

My primary passion as a runner and a coach are ultra marathons, especially the 100 mile distance. I believe that if an athlete has the will and drive to tackle ultra distances, we can find a way to make it happen. I relish opportunities in helping athletes reach big goals. READ MORE...

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Dr. Justin Ross

Endurance sports pose as much demand on the mind as they do on the body. Dr Ross is a sport and performance psychologist, with certifications as both a cycling and running coach. READ MORE...


Benjamin Davis

Ben Davis is a Navy SEAL Veteran and is the Executive Director of Veteran's Outdoor Advocacy Group VOAG. Growing up in Virginia, Ben developed a passion for endurance sport and mountain sports early in life. READ MORE...

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Ryan Krol - Founder

Ryan's love for running ultra distances and exploring the mountains ignites his passion for showing people how to enjoy a lifestyle centered on fitness and health. Ryan has coached dozens of clients to successfully complete the Leadville Trail 100. READ MORE...

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Brad Stahlman

I am an athlete who doesn't come from an athletic or running background. Entering this lifestyle of training as an endurance athlete required a lot of dedication and support along the way. I'm 17 years into a lifestyle transformation from 90lbs overweight and inactive, to an accomplished ultrarunner and coach. READ MORE...