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No matter your cycling goals—whether you're aiming for speed, tackling challenging terrains, or gearing up for endurance events—we have a unique coach for you!

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best. Discover the perfect match for your Boundless goals and let our coaches inspire, motivate, and guide you through every step to success.

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Scott Tietzel

Scott brings more than 25 years of race experience in cycling ranging from cross country and endurance mountain biking, gravel, road, time trial and cyclocross disciplines. He has raced professionally and internally with several teams throughout North America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. READ MORE...

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Kimberly Moritz

Since my earliest days, I've carried a burning competitive spirit - a trait my father loves to share with everyone. This unwavering determination has remained a constant thread throughout my life. READ MORE...


Heather Fischer

Heather has an extensive background in racing and coaching. While she continues to have a successful career racing on the road she loves working with athletes to assess their strengths, sharpen their skills and smash their goals. READ MORE...

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Jeff Winkler

As a Bike Coach Jeff combines his extensive racing experience with his knowledge of science and coaching to get results for his clients. Jeff has coached clubs, teams, and individuals of all ages and competitive levels. READ MORE...


Benjamin Davis

Ben Davis is a Navy SEAL Veteran and is the Executive Director of Veteran's Outdoor Advocacy Group VOAG. Growing up in Virginia, Ben developed a passion for endurance sport and mountain sports early in life. READ MORE...

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Ryan Krol - Founder

Ryan's love for running ultra distances and exploring the mountains ignites his passion for showing people how to enjoy a lifestyle centered on fitness and health. Ryan has coached dozens of clients to successfully complete the Leadville Trail 100. READ MORE...


Derek Murrow

Derek Murrow is an accomplished mountain bike athlete, back-country skier, guide, and coach based in Denver, Colorado. With over 11 years of competitive bike racing experience, he has completed the Leadville 100 MTB race six times. READ MORE...


Skyler Kottenstette

Coach Sky is the definition of a multisport athlete — she learned how to swim before she could walk, and has been pushing the boundaries and distance ever since through triathlon, gravel cycling, ultrarunning, and mountaineering. READ MORE...

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Dr Justin Ross

Endurance sports pose as much demand on the mind as they do on the body. Dr Ross is a sport and performance psychologist, with certifications as both a cycling and running coach. READ MORE...