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Brad Stahlman


My name is Brad Stahlman and I am an athlete who doesn't come from an athletic or running background. Entering this lifestyle of training as an endurance athlete required a lot of dedication and support along the way.

I’m 17 years into a lifestyle transformation from 90 lbs. overweight and inactive, to an accomplished ultrarunner and coach. This transformation continues every day but started with a shift in my mindset when I realized I had difficulty playing in the yard with my daughters due to my physical health.

My life purpose revolves around faith, family, fitness, and fellowship. By day, I’m a husband to my beautiful wife, father of 4 daughters and a full-time engineering manager. Setting a good example for them, is priority 1.

I love ultrarunning because it keeps me healthy, but equally, it teaches me about life – endurance, perseverance, fellowship with a supportive community, and faith – the ability to relentlessly keep moving forward.

My successful journey has given me a platform to encourage and build up others looking for that same transformation. Significant individuals poured into me, convincing me I could do more with each step. Now it's my turn – to help others accomplish feats most people believe are impossible. You can do tough stuff! I know what it takes to make it through the finish line, and I can help you get there too.


  • Marathons
  • Ultra-marathons

Education & Certification

  • UESCA Certified Coach
  • 80/20 Endurance Certified Coach
  • B.S. & M.S. in Industrial Engineering

Athletic History

  • 2x Leadville 100M finisher
  • 1x Keys 100M finisher
  • 2x Pumpkin Holler 100M – sub 24 hours
  • 3x Leadville Marathon finisher
  • 20 marathon finishes
  • 15 ultra-distance events