Scott Jordan, MD


Scott has 30 years experience in endurance and multi sport racing and has numerous podium finishes from 5k and sprint distance triathlons to 100 mile trail runs and he still has a busy race schedule. He credits his longevity to focusing on keeping it all fun and jokes that he has learned to train the “aging athlete” through personal experience.

As a physician and coach, he is passionate about helping people get beyond their self-perceived limitations, overcome obstacles, and change their life. He likes to teach people how to anticipate and solve problems, be adaptable and be resilient. Scott can help you be physically prepared for your challenge and have the mental fortitude to get across the finish line with a smile.


  • Marathons & Ultra marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Life & Wellness Coach


Achieving our goals with a balanced lifestyle, using sound medical principles of nutrition and physiology, appreciating each person’s uniqueness, while having a blast.


  • Family Physician with interests in Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Athletic History

> 100 marathons & ultra marathons

  • 8x 100 mi trail run finisher
  • Western States 100 mi finisher
  • 2x Leadville 100 mi trail finisher
  • 3x Leadville Silver Rush 50 mi finisher
  • 1x Keys 50 mi finisher
  • 3x Boston Marathon finisher
  • 74 triathlons
  • 6x Ironman Triathlon finisher