Christine Mougin

The Leadville 100 is not your average race. Ryan Krol is not your average coach.

Worried about not having Ultra experience? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

I did not really have any Ultra experience (only one 50 miler) before deciding to pursue this goal. I did however have the foresight to realize that I would need help to prepare and accomplish a feat like this. I found Ryan Krol on the Leadville Race Series website. I read the...



It has been a few weeks since the Leadville 100 and this note is long overdue. I completed the 100 mile trail run thanks in large part to my coach, Kathy Pidcock. Up to four years ago I was not a runner. I had never done a half marathon and only did two short distance races in my life. To imagine that I would be able to run 100 miles in just over a day was not even a thought that crossed my mind. This goes double for anything with ascent or...


Stacy W.

Kathy’s encouragement and optimism when dealing with injuries kept me focused and engaged. She genuinely cares about each person’s success. I would recommend Kathy to any runner looking for a good coach.


Erin H.

Kathy has been coaching me for almost 2 years. She first coached me to a 50 miler PR and just recently coached me to my first 100 miler finish at Rocky Raccoon. It’s such a great experience working with Kathy. She has helped me train so much smarter and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my running. She takes you’re strengths, weaknesses, race course and all other variables into account and creates a training plan specifically for you....



Kathy coached me for my first Leadville 100 finish in 2012. Working with Kathy for my first mountain ultra was a great introduction to the sport, and helped me train consistently and smarter. I benefited from the structure and accountability of her training plan. And in the process, became extremely passionate about the sport!


Jeff M.

Setting a big goal of completing a ultra marathon with having minimal running experience is no small task. Kathy's experience and hands on approach was incredible in getting me to my goal. Having a coach that gets you out on the trail and shows up at your actual event is nothing short of amazing. Injuries, sickness, and life invariably happen as you are training. She not only can map out a tremendous plan for your training, but sets...