Thomas Moyer - Leadville 100

A couple years ago, I thought it would be cool to push myself beyond the marathon distance as I saw a few events in my home state (Maryland) and signed up for a 50k and the JFK 50 miler as a challenge, but also as a bucket list sort of endeavor.

Part of my attraction to the JFK50 miler specifically was I saw that it was the oldest ultramarathon in the country and it happened to be driving distance from my house.

Another fun fact that I later learned about the race was David Goggins completed the event and was a recent participant. I thought, man, it would be pretty cool to finish a race that someone like David Goggins has finished, and maybe I'll be fortunate enough to meet him if he's there too. Well... I finished the race, but no Goggins that year, bummer!

After finishing JFK50, I was pretty beat up physically, but I was bit by the ultra bug and started looking up 100 mile events and I came across Nick Bare's YouTube video documentary about the Leadville 100. It was so inspiring to watch and I told myself, ...

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Michael O'Brien - Unbound XL

On the morning of July 11, 2001, I was struck head-on by a Ford Explorer traveling at 40 mph during a training ride before a corporate off-site retreat.

My trauma team was amazed I survived.

That morning, I was training for my first race in a few years, having taken time away from competitive cycling and running to start our family. In a moment, our world was turned upside down and shaken violently.

During my recovery, I began to remove the "rocks in my backpack" that I had been carrying for years. It wasn’t easy, to say the least, and it wasn’t a linear process. It involved taking one pedal stroke or one step at a time.

Several years later, I pinned a number on again and in 2022, I rode my bike across America—with a total knee replacement, no less. In 2023, I rode across New York State on the Empire State Trail in five days.

This year, I'm easting the whole burrito with Unbound XL. I credit my practices in mindfulness, breath work, meditation, and visualization, for aiding my recovery and executive career.

In 2022, I launched the Pause...


Jeff Beecham - LT100 Run

Coach Jay,

As I sat this morning with a cup of coffee, thinking about where I was on race day just one month ago, I was struck with such a sense of gratitude for the entire experience, and the opportunity that I was given to run Leadville.

A significant part of that was gratitude for your help and coaching in taking advantage of that opportunity.

As I may have mentioned, the size of the task didn’t really set in until I got the call from Taylor letting me know that I had been chosen for this event. Candidly, I was not at all certain that I’d be able to get through the miles and to prepare well for the race, let alone arrive at the starting line ready to attempt to finish.

However, over the next couple months, my belief began to build that I could not only complete the training, but give a honest and respectful attempt for the event itself. Your encouragement and coaching was a significant part of that.

I wanted to write this note today to let you know how grateful I am for not only your expertise in helping me navigate the proper training plan, but...


Damon Cahill - LT100 MTB

Damon Cahill

As a “former” endurance athlete (last real race was the 2013 Chicago Marathon) who was intrigued by the opportunity to race Leadville, I made a decision early on that would pay dividends. IF I was going to do the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race, I was going to hire a coach for the first time ever. I came across Boundless through the Leadville Race Series and Lifetime, and sent a note on a Sunday to Ryan Krol. He responded within hours, called me, and gave me the comfort level needed to pursue this legendary race. I had already picked out the coach I wanted to work with, Jeff Winkler.

Along with crossing the finish line, this decision was life changing. I had let myself get out of shape, and had some battles during covid. In December of 2022, I weighed in at 219 lbs. By early January, when I started working with Jeff weekly, I weighed in at 209lbs. After learning my background, Jeff advised me to do the work, and I would be in a great position in August. I talked to Jeff weekly. It was simple – do everything he told me to do, and I would be well positioned to get my buckle in...


Scott Davis - Cocodona 250

Scott Davis

Who am I? I am a 44-year-old Boundless coached endurance athlete, father, boyfriend, physician, Florida resident, and finisher of the Cocodona 250!

Growing up in Oregon, I always loved the outdoors and activity. I ran and swam, but had the self-awareness early to realize longer efforts suited me better. I didn’t even allow breaking my neck in a snowboarding accident shortly after graduating high school to derail my athletic endeavors. I ran a few marathons and ironman triathlons, including Kona, during my undergraduate days. I completed my first ultramarathon at 22 during a marathon build, and a 50-mile run on the Pacific Crest Trail that remains as one of my most memorable races to date, oh to be young and ignorant.

Medical training took me to New England for 11 years where I completed a couple more ironman triathlons and ran marathons off and on depending upon my time availability as I was balancing medical school, residency, 2 fellowships, and a young family.

My career/job led me to Florida, where I have resided for the last 7 years. Personal challenges and...


Ashcan Razmara - LT100 RUN

Ashcan Razmara

Everyone at Boundless was so warm and welcoming, and amazing to work with! Brad was an incredible coach. I would not have been able to achieve my goal of completing the LT100 Run without him. He was extremely organized in preparing my training schedule and he made sure that I understood why I was doing each part of my training and how it would help me in the long run. He understood and clearly articulated all the practical challenges of the LT100 course and how I could best tackle and overcome them.

He had me practice on the course itself with detailed strata maps that I could follow, which was immensely helpful. He was always available for any questions that I had, and even met with my crew privately over a Zoom meeting to go over every detail for race day. Finally, Brad was constantly motivating me to do my best with encouraging words, articles he would send, and by sharing his own experiences, mindset, and goals in preparing for the race. Simply put, Brad is the man.

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Brandon Head - LT100 Run

Brandon Head

My Coach, Scott Jordan, told me post race that "on paper, you weren't supposed to finish this race." The race was the Leadville 100. The things I was up against: less than a year in the Ultra space (8 months to be exact), having never seen the course in person, never properly trained at altitude, and my longest race to date was 36 miles. I've done plenty of shorter races over the years, but more for fun and compliments to my other training than anything.

Coach Scott picked me up on day one and expected nothing but work. You can respect that kind attitude. He'd listen to my complaints only to be followed up with an "Ok, are you done?" and we'd plan out what the next week to two weeks would look like. It was nice having the ability to reach out anytime I needed anything or had questions.

He and Coach Brad started a bi-weekly Zoom for all their athletes that was invaluable to say the least. It was great to connect with fellow runners and the same goal, listen to stories about Leadville from past finishers, and get into nitty gritty tactics on the course, nutrition,...