the boundless difference


The Boundless Team is the best in the industry - embodying the perfect combination of experience, passion and education.

Experience the guidance of our elite coaches. Join us and take your performance to new heights.



"If you are thinking about taking on this monumental challenge, and you want to be prepared on race day, don’t think twice – get one of these phenomenal coaches who specialize in this race. It will prepare you, and in turn, it will change your life (as Ken and Merilee say!). I’ve already committed to 2024 and committed to Boundless – see you at the start line!"

- Boundless Athlete Damon Cahill


"If you're looking for a great coach and ample resources pertaining to Leadville and Ultra racing in general, I can't recommend Boundless enough. They are like a family within a family. Lastly, the presence they had at the race was above and beyond."

- Boundless Athlete Brandon Head