Ashcan Razmara - LT100 RUN

Ashcan Razmara

Everyone at Boundless was so warm and welcoming, and amazing to work with! Brad was an incredible coach. I would not have been able to achieve my goal of completing the LT100 Run without him. He was extremely organized in preparing my training schedule and he made sure that I understood why I was doing each part of my training and how it would help me in the long run. He understood and clearly articulated all the practical challenges of the LT100 course and how I could best tackle and overcome them.

He had me practice on the course itself with detailed strata maps that I could follow, which was immensely helpful. He was always available for any questions that I had, and even met with my crew privately over a Zoom meeting to go over every detail for race day. Finally, Brad was constantly motivating me to do my best with encouraging words, articles he would send, and by sharing his own experiences, mindset, and goals in preparing for the race. Simply put, Brad is the man.