Thomas Moyer - Leadville 100

A couple years ago, I thought it would be cool to push myself beyond the marathon distance as I saw a few events in my home state (Maryland) and signed up for a 50k and the JFK 50 miler as a challenge, but also as a bucket list sort of endeavor.

Part of my attraction to the JFK50 miler specifically was I saw that it was the oldest ultramarathon in the country and it happened to be driving distance from my house.

Another fun fact that I later learned about the race was David Goggins completed the event and was a recent participant. I thought, man, it would be pretty cool to finish a race that someone like David Goggins has finished, and maybe I'll be fortunate enough to meet him if he's there too. Well... I finished the race, but no Goggins that year, bummer!

After finishing JFK50, I was pretty beat up physically, but I was bit by the ultra bug and started looking up 100 mile events and I came across Nick Bare's YouTube video documentary about the Leadville 100. It was so inspiring to watch and I told myself, I will do whatever it takes to be part of this community of Leadville 100 finishers and that's when I found the Boundless team. They had a guaranteed entry into the race with the purchase of a coaching package and I thought if I'm going to do something this big, I am going to need a coach to help me so why not?!

I looked at the list of coaches and was so impressed by everyone's pedigree!

These coaches are studs! Not only are they accomplished athletes, but they are first class people and professionals.

Dr. Scott Jordan has been my coach for the past two years. I love Coach Scott!

Scott has had such a positive impact on my life, not only as an athlete, but as a person and a father. He is caring, smart, meticulous, and an absolute savage on the trails! All kidding aside, I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Coach Scott and the other Boundless coaches that I have had the privilege of meeting.

Coach Brad Stahlman is another coach that I hold in high regard. He is incredibly passionate about coaching and dedicated to his athletes as well.

These two men have taught me a lot and have inspired me to be the best version of myself for my wife and two young boys and lead by example.

My biggest goal in these endurance pursuits is to show my two boys what's possible when you have "good attitude, good effort, and have fun."

Ryan Krol has assembled a world-class team of coaches that truly care about their athletes and want to help you reach your goals. I can personally attest that I have made lifelong friends through this experience and I am grateful to be a part of this team. I highly recommend you consider joining TEAM BOUNDLESS if you are on the fence or curious about venturing into ultra running. #leadvillebound


Thankful to have you on our Team, best of luck at the Leadville 100 Thomas!

Instagram: @headhearthustleclub