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When training for an Ultra event the probability of getting an overuse injury is very high. Your number one priority through any training program is to show up to the start line healthy. Taking a proactive approach to your preventing overuse injuries is key. Below you will find some quick tips from Coach Jill Becker.

  • Warming up is key: Warmup drills- Moving hamstring stretch, moving quad stretch, hip circles, donkey kicks etc.
  • Base miles- Building the foundation
  • Incorporating cross training, especially if coming back from an injury to build your engine without...

As I prepare to brave the elements of the chilly Northeast winter for my afternoon run—hat, gloves, tights, jacket—it seems a far cry from hiking up Hope Pass in August. But Leadville and the rest of our summer and fall goal races will be here before we know it. What can we do now to help ensure that we get the most out of those highly anticipated adventures? Here are a few suggestions on how best to approach winter/off-season training.

1. Take a break. If you’ve been training steadily for an extended period of time, the winter can provide an excellent opportunity to recharge...

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Limiting GI Distress - Low FODMAP diets

Low FODMAP diets

Basic Application and Thoughts on Race Circumstances

Huh? Fogmaps? Frogmats? Whaaa???


Stands for: Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols.

These are an otherwise unrelated group of carbohydrates that have a short chain length and can be fermented in the small intestine or colon and are thought to contribute to IBS in many individuals.