Who am I? I am a 44-year-old Boundless coached endurance athlete, father, boyfriend, physician, Florida resident, and finisher of the Cocodona 250!

Growing up in Oregon, I always loved the outdoors and activity. I ran and swam, but had the self-awareness early to realize longer efforts suited me better. I didn’t even allow breaking my neck in a snowboarding accident shortly after graduating high school to derail my athletic endeavors. I ran a few marathons and ironman triathlons, including Kona, during my undergraduate days. I completed my first ultramarathon at 22 during a marathon...


I started running consistently back in 2018. I completed a few marathons and half marathons but wanted a bigger challenge, so I set my sights on Ultras, specifically the Leadville 100 Trail Race Across The Sky.

Why Leadville?

Im not sure I can give a clear reason other than it's calling my name. It's turned into something I MUST do.

I must complete this race.

I finished the Leadville Heavy Half this past Saturday and completed it in 4 hours and 7 minutes. This was my first taste of running at elevation, and I did pretty damn well, being my first time running...


As an endurance athlete and ultrarunner, I am always looking for the next outrageous event or activity to participate in. After seeing photos and videos from last year’s Garmin Unbound Gravel race, I knew this was something I needed to sign up for. Even though I had not participated in nearly any cycling races, I was hooked on this event. I have always been inspired by Tony Krupicka; his looks, his free-spirit, his introspect, and perspective on movement in the mountains. After seeing him tackle Unbound XL as an ultrarunner, I knew I wanted...


An Accidental Shift?

Stage running the Appalachian Trail and dropping the lone wolf mentality!

This past winter, I was visiting my son at college in Phoenix. About a month before I went, I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram and happened to see a post by Boundless Endurance that it was the last day to sign up for their Arizona Running Camp. It happened to be the following weekend of visiting my son, so I thought, huh! Why not sign up and kick-start some spring training on the glorious desert...

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11 January 2011, I had a life-changing event at age 52. I had a nearly fatal heart attack with a right coronary artery that was 100% blocked. When the doctors put in a stint and cleared the blockage, my heart stopped. The staff made me ride the lightning twice before God decided to let my heart restart. I didn’t have a cardiologist at the time, because just 6 months prior I had a physical and was given a “your good to go” diagnosis. The cardiologist that found me is a very active mountaineer (kinda weird he’s in desert of West Texas). He told me I didn’t have any sufficient heart...

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Did you know, at 14,000 ft the air has 43% less oxygen than at sea level!?

So how do we train for Altitude?

Here’s a few tips:

1. Gradual Acclimatization: it's crucial to gradually acclimatize your body to the reduced oxygen levels. Start by training at moderate altitudes and gradually increase the elevation over time. This allows your body to adapt and build red blood cells, which carry oxygen more efficiently. Rapidly ascending to extreme altitudes increases the risk of altitude sickness.

2. You burn more energy at high altitudes. The exact increase in energy...

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What separates successful and unsuccessful race results can almost always be attributed to a racers ability to manage variables. In long distance bike racing, managing variables begins months or sometimes years before lining up at the start line. While physical preparedness is perhaps the most important variable, what we encounter on race day, and the way we respond is perhaps just as likely to impact how we finish the race.

My approach to managing variables has been to define those which I have total control over those which I do not. What’s critical however,...


Before working with Boundless, I didn't think a strategic training plan was necessary to accomplish my running goals. I am not a pro-runner. I am just a guy who loves to test myself against mountain courses and improve on what I have done in the past. But through working with a Boundles coach, I learned that in order to maximize my potential, my training needed to be intentional.

In high school, I was taught to always push myself; to go harder, and to dig deeper. A running mentor once told me that if everyone else was giving 100%, I needed to give 110% in...


“It’s going to be hard work, but we'll have fun.” The last words of the first phone call with my coach. It was the end of August and I was going to run the Austin Rattler 50K in November. I had my work cut out for me. Just to spice things up a bit, I had also signed up for Brazos Bend 100 in December. Yeah, you read that right. The month right after the 50K, 28 days to be exact, I was going to tackle my first hundred.

You might be thinking to yourself that I’m overly ambitious and tad insane, and you’d be right, but that little bit of...


Chris Barnett had run one ultra on a track previous to the Leadville 100. A 40 miler to raise money for charity. He was inspired to run Leadville even though he didn’t do any research about the race, and had no idea what he was getting into. He signed up for the Boundless coaching package with guaranteed entry, and was reffered to coach Cat Bradley by a friend. In the first couple of conversations, they both realized that he was in over his head. He had never heard of a pacer, didn’t realize it was on trails, and had no expereince with the details of ultra running including nutrition,...