Kate Cross

Kate discovered her passion for endurance cycling after a long history of competitive running, including competing as a D1 collegiate heptathlete. She moved to Colorado from New York City for the skiing but stayed for the mountain biking and trail running. After falling in love with mountain biking, she quickly dove head first into mountain bike and gravel racing and is now competing in some of the most competitive off-road races in the United States as a 2024 Life Time Grand Prix athlete.

Working full time and training full time, Kate understands the challenges of work-life-training balance and enjoys coaching athletes to meet their goals in an achievable, healthy manner. With a career in data and finance, she naturally loves nerding out on training data but sees the immeasurable value of less quantitative training metrics. Kate finds joy in mentoring athletes new to bike racing and believes everybody has an opportunity to grow as a well-rounded person and athlete through the training process. As a Boulder resident, she loves building adventurous routes through the endless gravel mountain roads in the greater Boulder area.

As a process-oriented athlete and coach, Kate believes focusing on process goals is key to achieving the results you’re striving for. The other keys to success on the bike? Stay curious and keep having fun.


  • Endurance Mountain Biking
  • Gravel

Education & Certifications:

  • USAC Level 3 Coach

  • Safe Sport

  • Bachelor of Science in Information & Systems Engineering

  • Chartered Financial Analyst

Athletic History:

  • 10th place Leadville 100 MTB 2023, finish time of 7:42

  • 1st place Tahoe Trail 100 2023

  • 1st place Ned Gravel, Tungsten 2023

  • 1st place Bailey Hundo 2023

  • 3rd place Bighorn Gravel 2024

  • 4th place Rule of Three 2024

  • 5th place GoPro Games XC 2023

  • 1st place Silver Rush 50 MTB 2021