Christine Mougin

The Leadville 100 is not your average race. Ryan Krol is not your average coach.

Worried about not having Ultra experience? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

I did not really have any Ultra experience (only one 50 miler) before deciding to pursue this goal. I did however have the foresight to realize that I would need help to prepare and accomplish a feat like this. I found Ryan Krol on the Leadville Race Series website. I read the testimonials, then did a little Google stalking myself. His personal accomplishments were impressive…he clearly knew how to train himself. I entered our first phone call nervous that he would reject someone of such little experience (and slowness!). He asked a lot of questions, not only regarding my fitness and running experience, but also about my motivations to tackle a challenge like this. I had wanted to create a 2 year training plan to build up a better foundation, but he convinced me (rightly so in hindsight) to train for 2016, not 2017. At the end of the call, it seemed we were both ready to take on the challenge together.

Worried about what happens if you’re injured? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

I placed my complete confidence in Ryan and the training plan that he crafted, even when I would have probably chosen to do something differently if left up to my own devices. I actually started the training with an injury and tried to run through it. When I finally shared the need to dial back to heal, Ryan skillfully adapted my workouts to maintain fitness during this period of healing. He is flexible and adept at modifying the plan to fit the current circumstances.

Worried about the volume of training? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

Ryan knows fitness. He knows how to target workouts to get the best results for the effort. The mix of intervals, tempo, long efforts, strength and recovery has been amazing in terms of improving my performance. He knows when to build in taper and recovery to ensure peak performance on race day and avoid injury. Although one might think that to prepare for 100 miles you just need to run your brains out with ultra high mileage. That is not something that personally works for me and Ryan was able to balance quality of workouts with quantity that produced great results for me. My body is a fragile ecosystem, but Ryan was able to work with me to create the right amount of volume and stress with recovery, to absorb that training, such that after recovering from my initial injury, I was injury free the remaining 8 months of training.

Worried about the nature and logistics associated with the Leadville 100? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

Ryan knows what it takes to finish the Leadville 100. His knowledge about the course and race was invaluable as well during this journey. I never felt alone on this journey. Ryan was there to answer my many questions, to prop me up when I had doubts, and celebrate my successes along the way. .He is patient and I can tell he really cares. He said that in the 2016 Leadville 100, his high moments during the race came from seeing his clients out on the course making their goal happen.

Not interested in running 100 miles? Not to worry, Ryan is your guy.

Even though I have been running longer than Ryan has been alive :), during the time I have been working with him, I have noted that my strength, stamina and performance have significantly improved with his guidance. I have been competing in events with significantly stronger performances than when I compare similar events that were years ago. Although I’ve been doing the work, he’s been providing the work direction and plan to help me accomplish these improvements. I would recommend him to anyone, for any event, not just the LT100.

Ryan is your guy. I could not have accomplished what I did without him. Thank you Coach Ryan!